" Neillot’s work is the garden of joy" René Barjavel  



In the press

Louis Neillot is the painter of the splendor of summers, of the blazing of wheat, of the grassy slopes strewn with poppies…

                                                       George Besson,

                                                       Les Lettres Françaises, 1957


Guillaumin and Neillot : certain affinities make me think they belong to the same tradition; Guillaumin encourages Signac who, in turn, trusts Neillot from the start… I see in Neillot the partner, with a personal touch, of such great painters as Guillaumin, Valtat, Suzanne Valadon.

                                                        George Besson

                                                        Les Lettres françaises,1957


The powerful color harmonies through which he expresses himself in lyrical explosions definitely make him a Fauvist, but he also is a builder and a scrupulous organizer.

                                                         Denys Chevalier,

                                                         France Observateur, 1958


Behind the candor of the colors and the firm delineation of shapes lies a deep sorrow, a form of poetry, neither sad nor disillusioned, but, on the contrary, natural and fresh.

                                                          Denys Chevalier,

                                                          France Observateur,1959


In the Fauvist tradition, Louis Neillot achieved a great formal power… The simplicity of the baroque rhythms, the reduction of nature to dense signs, the intense warmth of the pure tones are what give all his paintings their lively strength.

                                                           Raymond Charmet

                                                           Arts-Paris, 1966



This harmony between the being and the earth reveals one of the first keys to Louis Neillot’s talent : the faith in a common destiny.

He lived internally the magnificent play of nature’s colors through the seasons, anchoring fleetingness in his message of beauty : for Neillot, life had two values, liberty and beauty. A painting by Neillot is at first a force, then a poem.

                                                                Jean-Charles Varennes

                                                                Auvergne Magazine,1969


Neillot kept untouched within himself his amazed childhood, and in a time when others were starting to whither…

He undertook to screen on the walls of his life the enchantment of his heart…


We would like to live in his world, which is one of balance between sky and earth, of harmony, of love of man for the living and the inanimate…

Neillot’s work is the garden of joy

                                                                René Barjavel, 1975

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